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Elementary Classroom (Grades 1st -3rd, Ages 6-9)

The elementary classroom serves students in the first through 5th grades. There is a degreed, Montessori certified teacher with two trained assistants. The classroom houses 28 to 35 children, with a 12:1 adult to child ratio. The classroom is well equipped with Montessori materials designed to offer a hands-on approach to learning. Instruction is often delivered in a small group, or one-on-one setting. The mixed ages in a single classroom offer benefits that range from high motivation, to reinforcement of knowledge, to social responsibility and awareness.

The younger children are compelled to improve their skills as they ultimately want to accomplish what they witness the older children doing. Conversely, the older child has the ability to reinforce his/her own skills while generously helping the younger student in need.

In addition to a well prepared academic and social environment, the school’s miniature farm serves as a great opportunity for the children to develop responsibility and a love of animals.

The two horses, , goose and chickens, and give the children the opportunity to care for animals that are dependent on them. The level of responsibility learned through this role is of significant value; gentleness and kindness. The overall goal at the elementary level is to provide a superior academic base while promoting a high degree of values and responsibility.

Upper Elementary (4th and 5th Grades)

The students have the advantage of learning in a small, friendly atmosphere, which promotes true and lasting friendships. Although text books are used more often at this level, the students benefit from the use of Montessori materials that provide a concrete manipulative enhancement leading to the advanced understanding of academic concepts.

1)To satisfy the student’s primary skills in an analytical manner.
2) To bring the student to a level of independent exploration and knowledge.
3) To bring a sense of success and competence based on hard work and achievement.
4) To learn to dress and speak effectively. To learn how to evaluate and apply a plan of action.